The Amplify Story.


As a digital marketing agency that seeks new ways to differentiate her clients from competitors using cutting edge strategies, Amplify Digital has lots of tales to tell from the success stories we’ve recorded in our 7 years of existence. Today, it’s time to reinvent ourselves to take on the challenges of the future.

The Amplify Story

Born out of the idea to showcase what true digital marketing was and service clients with effective and results driven campaigns, we felt it was time to offer exceptional digital marketing services to our clients and bridge the gap between the numerous clients and few digital marketing agencies as at 2010/2011.

Thanks to our stakeholders who guided us in making qualitative research findings on Nigeria’s digital marketing industry, we kicked off in 2013 with a couple of free and meager paying jobs that helped put us out there as a result oriented agency.

Today, we work for a broad spectrum of clients across the FMCE, FMCG, FSI, Lifestyle, Telecoms and Entertainment industries. Although we are not limited to these sectors, we are all about finding distinct ways of selling brands no matter who they are and how long they’ve been in existence.

There’s Room For Improvement

We want to communicate to every brand that irrespective of where your company is, there’s always an avenue to improve and break new grounds. Amplify is a means to that next level and we portray this with uncommon yet effective strategies that guarantee progress.

The Finish

The Start

The Progress


Our icons are used from an angle of driving messages that resonate with today’s people through imagery that embody a modern feel and is adaptable for use in any communication material.

0.25inches tall

30px tall





The Logo in Full

Asides portraying projection with our bars and colour variation, we also made the bars align with the context of our brand name ‘Amplify’. With the bars replacing the letter ‘M’, the cut out in the ‘I’ and the uniqueness of the text fonts, we have created a brand that is bold, catchy and acceptable.

Our Logo in Use

We’ve positioned the logo to embody the same feel consistently across all kinds of mediums and materials using specific dimensions and colour variations.

1.75inches wide


100px wide



Our typography is bold and easily identifiable. Aligned with global marketing standards, we chose a style that showcases our expertise at design, creative and technology.

Brand Representation

Using a fine mix of white and magenta, we are not limited to one way of executing our works. We rely on the quality of the ideas we generate and adapt our brand elements in ways that effectively answer to these concepts.

Creative assets

Social Media CI

Creative Assets

We use our creative assets to project our brand in unique ways. Asides mixing colours creatively, we also adopt elements that do a good job of improving our materials and selling our brand the contemporary way.